Sabtu, 10 September 2011

Hack//Link v1.1.1 English patch by kenma9123

credit to: kenma9123

needs netframework v4
1. Download the ISO file and hack_link_patch_v1.1.1 file
2. After downloading the ISO, Open it with UMDgen
3. From the UMDgen navigate to USRDIR
4. Right click on data.cpk and extract anywhere in your desktop
5. Copy or move the data.cpk onto the hack_link_patch_v1.1.1 file folder
*File structure should be
+hack_link_patch_v1.1.1      <- the folder
+--data.cpk <- it should be here
 6. Now Double click patch.exe to see the GUI above
7. Click the patch! button
8. A command window will appear, feel free to read the content while the file is being decrypted, it will take a while though..
9. When the decryption is done you should see this message on the command window
10. Just press any key and it will automatically close, and close the patcher as well
11. Their should be a new file created data_dec.cpk, rename it to data.cpk
12. Open ppf-o-matic3.exe
13. Browse the data.cpk from the iso field.
Note:Change the files of type to "All files(*.*)"
14. Browse the *.ppf file from the patch field.
15. Click the Apply button
16. After successfully patching, open your ISO file with UMDGEN
17. Navigate to USRDIR then drag n' drop the data.cpk onto it.
18. When it ask to replace files, respond with a yes.
19. Pack your ISO file to any filename you want
20. When its done, copy it to your psp and fire it up.

[!]Fix a bug in equipping item in dress shop
[!]Fix some overlapping text
[!]Translated some of the BGM part and difficulty stuff.
[!]and more...

Translation progress:
Abilities = 100%
Abilities description = 98%
Character names = 91%
NPC = 76 %
BGM names = 0%
Area names = 5%
Area description = 56%
Monster names = 45%
Monster msgs = 5%
Weapon names = 55%
Object names(like chest, doors) = 80%
Item names = 100%
Item Description = 85%
Link play Area names+description = 0%
Skill names+description = 90%
Cross rengeki names = 100%
Cross rengeki description = 50%
Passive skills(Like Small Exp+,Crit dmg 20%) = 100%

This one contains bunch of text so I'm not sure if this is really the progress but as I've said I'm trying to , and take note I will combined menu names along with the pop up messages.
Menu(Link play messages not included) = 93%
Menu(Link play messages included) = 78%

download patch: v1.1.1

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